(SOLD!) Tantalum Model - One Piece Wenge Neck!

I'm excited to introduce a guitar that starts its story with a rare find: a piece of quarter-sawn Wenge wood (Millettia laurentii), which had been tucked away at my local wood dealer for twenty years. This special wood gives me the opportunity to craft up to three unique guitar necks. So far, I've used this wood to build the first neck, with enough material left for two more.

The body of this guitar is carved from a single piece of highly figured 'Sipo Mahogany'. It's paired with a stunning highly figured one-piece quilt maple top. The finishing touch is a 'brou de noix' or walnut stain, enriched with additional pigment to enhance the natural allure and complexity of the wood.
One of the guitar's standout features is its 'Crelicam Ebony' fingerboard. It boasts a captivating natural white stripe, adding an organic, distinct flair that echoes the iconic "Tree of Life" design, making this guitar truly inimitable.
I've revisited the TORLON® 4203 nut, a material I introduced to guitar making back in 2011, now scalloped for a striking visual effect. The fretboard is further enhanced with the first-ever GREEN luminescent block inlays that glow, blending aesthetics with functionality.
The guitar's pickups are thoughtfully selected. I've equipped this 6-string guitar with 7-string Lace Humbuckers to ensure perfect string alignment over the magnets, adding a modern and thoughtful aesthetic.
Technical Specifications:
-Highly figured one-piece Quilt Maple top.
-Sipo Mahogany body, precisely quarter-sawn.
-First of potentially three Wenge necks, each quarter-sawn.
-Crelicam Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets, a 25.5'' scale, and a 12" radius.
-Innovatively scalloped TORLON 4203 nut.
-High-quality Hipshot hardware and CTS pots.
-My own design of solid brass humbucker mounting rings.
-First GREEN luminescent fingerboard block inlays.
-NOS Russian FT-2 0.027uF Teflon capacitor.
-7-string Alumitone Deathbuckers with custom laser-etched logo.
-Antique Bronze-finished coin logo inlay on the back.
-Copper shielding and 25 coats of hand-applied oil-based varnish.

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