Welcome to the "Available Creations" section of my website, a new chapter in my journey as a guitar artisan. While the heart of my craft has been in creating custom guitars tailored to the unique visions of my clients, a significant part of my time—60%, to be exact—has been devoted to the meticulous crafting of guitar plectrums. This dedication to plectrums is a vital aspect of my work, known and cherished by those familiar with my creations. 

This year (2024) marks a pivotal moment. With my custom guitar order workload now beautifully manageable, I've embraced the opportunity to explore new avenues in my guitar building. This has led me to craft a collection of guitars that stand as a testament to my passion and creativity—far from what one might consider "stock" guitars. These are my one-of-a-kind creations, each guitar is one-of-a-kind and features artistic touches and design choices that distinguish it from any other model I've made.
Here, you will find guitars available for immediate purchase—guitars born from a newfound freedom in my schedule, allowing me to experiment and push the boundaries of my craft. These guitars are ready to find their homes, with no waiting period; once you've chosen your guitar, it will be on its way to you as swiftly as it can be shipped.