(no longer available) Extended Scale 7 string Tantalum Model + Honeycomb Richlite Top + SpectraLum Inlays©!

I am excited to present my latest creation: an extended scale 7-string guitar that blends artistry with engineering. The top of this guitar is a visual and tactile marvel, featuring a deeply engraved honeycomb pattern that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes, including acting as a weight relief. This unique design is cut into a solid piece of RichLite, marking a first in the guitar world with this particular color choice for a top. RichLite is not just an environmentally responsible material made from recycled paper; its dense and durable nature is sought after for exceptional stability and vibrational transfer.

Hufschmid Honeycomb Top ©registration number: 3pptRR7FSdenahI1

The boundary-pushing design elements don't stop there. As the innovator who introduced PEEK nuts to the guitar world, I have now created the world's first 7-string scalloped nut made from PEEK (polyetheretherketone). This material is a revelation in guitar craftsmanship, prized for its mechanical strength and its ability to maintain shape under thermal stress. PEEK's ability to transmit vibrations with unparalleled efficiency makes it an exceptional choice for clarity and consistency in tuning stability and sound. Additionally, the material is virtually indestructible and will never wear down.

7 string scalloped PEEK nut ©registration number: KdEYNusMR1ExAu59

Moving to the fingerboard, I introduce the Hufschmid SpectraLum Inlays©, a pioneering design in guitar aesthetics. These inlays far surpass ordinary fret markers, featuring a kaleidoscopic arrangement of glow-in-the-dark materials, precision-engineered and cast in a crystal-clear, bubble-free resin to create a striking and functional art piece.

Hufschmid SpectraLum Inlays ©registration number: 5XaKPKqrOyjKahvq

The guitar's extended scale length of 666 millimeters (26.3'') offers the ideal balance for a 7-string guitar. Constructing this guitar was a formidable task; the intricate honeycomb top demanded an innovative approach to ensure that the precision and quality of the instrument were not compromised.

This guitar not only carries the legacy of my honeycomb plectrums but also stands as a testament to forward-thinking design, providing a playing experience like no other. With only enough SpectraLum Inlays© material remaining for potentially one more instrument, this guitar is not just unique—it may become the sole exemplar of its kind, especially as I continue to use this material in crafting my guitar plectrums.

The guitar also features a "stage grip," inspired by the iconic design of the Ibanez Jem—the very guitar that ignited my passion for guitar building back in the early '90s.

Additionally, this guitar is equipped with custom unfinished Alumitone humbuckers, laser engraved with 'tantalum', the name of my flagship model. 

-Solid one piece Richlite® Top (paper composite made of 65% recycled paper and 35% phenolic resin)
-Impeccably quartersawn Sipo Mahogany body and neck
-A West African Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets, a 26.3'' scale (666mm), and a 12" radius
-The pioneering Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) nut with intricate scalloping
-High-quality Hipshot hardware and high-tolerance CTS pots
-Hufschmid SpectraLum Inlays© (world premiere)
-A NOS Russian FT-2 0.027uF Teflon capacitor
-Custom unfinished Alumitone deathbuckers with the model 'Tantalum' laser-etched 
-An Antique Bronze-finished coin logo inlay on the back
-Copper shielding and 25 coats of hand-applied oil-based varnish


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