Since 1998, my guitars are fitted with handmade passive pickups for which I've entirely designed the exterior looks. These humbuckers are handcrafted for me by a leader in the industry and are individually custom wound to fit the player's needs

The unique appearance of the pickups comes from part of the process which creates them - the units are resin cast, eliminating the need for any form of cover. The humbuckers are built in a rubber mold into which the magnets and coils are inserted, a special grade of resin is then pored over the entire thing, resulting in a perfectly sealed and shielded pickup.

My signature '3D blue carbon fiber' electric guitar control cavity interior design is my own design/creation and is protected by copyright:

All my current guitars are fitted with a very rare 'new old stock' Russian military 0.022uF paper in oil K40Y-90 capacitor ! Why ? Because I do not cut any corners, it makes no difference at all to fit a cheap cap but why would I do that after spending 100 hours building the guitar ? I want every part to reflect my passion and dedication to my craft and this also applies to the parts which are not directly visible.

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