I am thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to my line of guitars: the exclusive integration of Lace Alumitone humbuckers. This advancement seamlessly aligns with my commitment to avant-garde design and groundbreaking technology. Moving away from traditional copper-based pickups, Alumitones utilize aluminum as the core material, ushering in a low-resistance, high-output system facilitated by a 'current driven design.'

The exterior shell of the Alumitone is intricately water-jet cut from aluminum and is accompanied by a micro-winding technique that reduces copper wire usage by up to 90%. This cutting-edge approach results in a pickup operating with a unique low-impedance/high-impedance dynamic. Shockingly, the Alumitone humbuckers are entirely devoid of extraneous noise. To add to their allure, these lightweight pickups significantly decrease the overall weight of my guitars, offering a playing experience that is as comfortable as it is sonically exceptional.