(SOLD!) Iceman Inspired Tantalum Model - Richlite Top + SpectraLum Inlays©!

Discover my latest Iceman inspired creation, showcasing the exclusive 'Hufschmid SpectraLum Inlays©'—a first in the world of guitar making! 

It's not every day you come across a small artisan luthier who actually designs his very own solid brass humbucker mounting rings. This journey, blending artistry with innovation, has led to something truly unique – a rare find in today's market. Gone are the days of settling for seven-string mounting rings made of cheap plastic. My approach? Solid brass mounting rings, finished in a sleek matte black, offering beauty, unparalleled quality, and durability unlike anything else.

The one-piece body and neck of this unique Iceman-inspired guitar are made from perfectly quarter-sawn 'Sipo Mahogany', complemented by a West African Ebony fingerboard. Another main feature of this guitar is the top, which is a single piece of Richlite—a paper composite alternative that gives the instrument an incredible industrial and high-tech look. 

Watch me carving the body contour here: https://www.instagram.com/hufschmidguitars/reel/C3pq9z-NNKu/

Inspired by the iconic Iceman shape, this guitar boasts premium materials and hardware, including:

-Solid one piece Richlite® Top (paper composite made of 65% recycled paper and 35% phenolic resin)
-Impeccably quartersawn Sipo Mahogany body and neck
-A West African Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets, a 25.5'' scale, and a 12" radius
-The pioneering Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) nut with intricate scalloping
-High-quality Hipshot hardware and high-tolerance CTS pots
-Hufschmid SpectraLum Inlays© (world premiere)
-A NOS Russian FT-2 0.027uF Teflon capacitor
-Custom unfinished Alumitone deathbuckers with the model 'Tantalum' laser-etched 
-Hufschmid design custom-made solid brass 7 string humbucker mounting rings
-An Antique Bronze-finished coin logo inlay on the back
-Copper shielding and 25 coats of hand-applied oil-based varnish


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