Thoughts on Endorsement Requests

What is an Endorsement?

An endorsement typically involves an artist becoming a public advocate for a guitar manufacturer. The artist is expected to use the company's guitars exclusively, endorse them publicly, and often share photos with the instruments. In return, they may receive a free guitar or a discounted retail price.

My Stand on Endorsements

I receive roughly 20 endorsement requests every month, often from individuals who don't even extend the courtesy of a simple "hello." Some even refer to me as "guys," further proving they haven't bothered to learn who I am or what I represent. These requests are primarily driven by the desire for a free or discounted guitar. I once believed that those seeking endorsements admired my craftsmanship and were proud to represent it. Experience has shown me otherwise; if they were truly proud, they'd be willing to pay for it. My past involvement in endorsement plans has mostly led to costly disappointments.

I Am an Artisan, Not a Factory

I don't offer endorsement plans. Each guitar and plectrum is meticulously crafted by hand in my modest 5-square-meter workshop. I pour love, care, and passion into every piece. If you've achieved success as a player, online forum personality, or blogger, that's fantastic! However, don't expect to get my work for free.

Loyal Customers Mean the World to Me

There are incredible musicians out there who have purchased my guitars and use them regularly on stage. These loyal customers mean the world to me, and for them, special prices have sometimes been arranged.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I find your instruments in my local music store?
No, you can't. Each instrument and accessory is hand-built by me alone. My operation is small but focused on high-quality craftsmanship.

- Hey guys, nice company!
There is no "guys" or "company." It's just me, Patrick Hufschmid, working diligently in a 5-square-meter workshop in the basement of my apartment.

Final Words

Endorsements? Thanks, but no thanks.

Patrick Hufschmid