-Hey guys, nice company! 
There is only one self-employed artisan working in a tiny 5 square meters 19th century workshop located in the basement of his apartment, me, Patrick Hufschmid, so I have no idea and a very hard time trying to understand who are the 'guys' and 'company' you are talking about...

-I want you guys and company to endorse me!
Again, no idea which 'guys' and 'company' you are talking about, but click this link!

-Where are you located?
I live and work in the french speaking region of Switzerland 5mn by train from Montreux here in Aigle.

-What is the difference between the 'Helldunkel' and the 'TANTALUM'?
The neck, body and fingerboard timbers are the same on both models, the difference resides in the fact that the 'Helldunkel' is a 'set specs' or 'stripped down TANTALUM' if you prefer, adding a top, choosing the scale or adding some exclusive 'HufGlow block inlays' is only available when ordering a TANTALUM. The 'Helldunkel' specifications are listed on its page.

-What is the first price of a Hufschmid guitar?
My first price would be the 6 string 'Helldunkel' at CHF2'900.-  
a .pdf  which contains all my prices and options is available on simple request.
A currency converter is available on the bottom of this page! CHF = Swiss Francs 

-Do you build tremolo guitars? 
Hufschmid Guitars are proudly 'non-tremolo guitars' since 1996.

-Do you build bass guitars, left handed guitars and do you sell your pickups?
Sorry, no.

-Which plectrum would you recommend for me?
Click this link !

-Can I find your instruments in my local music store, any dealers? 
I am not a 'company' but a small self-employed artisan building a limited amount of guitars per annum in what is known as the world's most expensive country to live in - Switzerland. My prices are already way to low for me to be able to offer any kind of discount/deal to a music shop which must make profit on a sale. The only exception would be Japan's largest music stores company 'Shimamura Music'. They commissioned 5 guitars from me in 2017 to showcase my work in some of their shops, but because of what I've just explained, the prices they are selling the guitars dramatically raised up.


-Do you ship worldwide?
Absolutely, that is indeed the case for 98% of my work!

-How can I join your waiting list?
I do not and refuse to carry a waiting list. Since 1996, I work with the 'first come first served' method and only work on a maximum of 2 orders at a time, this way I never fail to deliver in time and always stay above my workload. My work schedule is divided between guitar and plectrum building therefore I can only build 6 to 7 guitars per annum. Currently the waiting period from the time you order till you receive the guitar at your front door is of 6-8 weeks. 

-Do you take any apprentice or trainee?
Absolutely not, I work alone since 1996, also in Switzerland, there are very strict laws and legal things to do in order to have somebody work with you, this would not be realistic at all, because the charges, costs and insurances involved are WAY TO EXPENSIVE for a small artisan to deal with, you also must follow a special training course in order to receive a certification to get the permission to train an apprentice, things are not as easy as you might think over here, maybe they are in your country... 

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